About us

The Berliners

Chloé’s dream was to organize an exhibition. She is a student at the Sorbonne Nouvelle specializing in Cultural Mediation (“Museums, Cultural Heritage and Exhibitions”). She had to mount a cultural project for the validation of her Bachelor degree. This is how she got engaged in the adventure of “Paris-Berlin-Moscow” and is now creating the exhibition in Berlin with a little help from new friends she met in the German capital.

Although Méline has graduated, with distinction, from science class, she surprised her entourage by choosing to study art history. Art and, more generally, everything linked to culture is what interests her most. When she had the chance to meet Chloé and hear about her project, she knew she would be in, and for 200%. The more the exhibition takes shape, the bigger Méline’s desire to commit her life to creating exhibitions.

Margot is a 21 years old student in Bordeaux, going through her Art History Bachelor and on the loose in Berlin. Like Obélix, she “fell into the magic potion when she was little”, that is to say, art has always been her cup of tea. She is determined to realize her dreams and mount exhibitions. This one is the first, but certainly not the last!

Anna jumped on the bandwagon, since she was the last to join the team that she had the chance to meet in Berlin. A Russian girl, studying in France and spending her Erasmus year in the German capital, she was very attracted by the project, even if it is quite far from what she’s usually busy with: Political Science.

Found in the back of an amphitheater, Noé was not really destined to participating in this project. But he always had a keen interest for culture and any initiatives designed to spread culture in the world: for example, a viral Facebook page. He studied Political Science in Nancy and is now spending his Erasmus year in Berlin, where he embarked in the colourful adventure which is the “Paris-Berlin-Moscow” exhibition.

The Parisians

Victor, a former Breton student in Art History, decided (like many of his peers) to immigrate to Paris to complete his studies. To understand art and artists, and, even better, to present them – that’s his cup of tea. He is now studying Cultural Mediation and is part of the group that mounts the exhibition. A short trip to Berlin in 2012 convinced him to participate as a founding member of the project.

Félicien is studying Cultural Mediation in Paris. After a year of studies in Communication, he escaped from this domain to reach the world of museums and exhibitions. He is really interested in art and different personal conceptions that one can have of it. It is a pleasure for him to be part of this universe while developing a project with friends!

Born in the middle of art books, it’s no surprise that Cloé decided to devote herself to Cultural studies. She even left her homeland Brittany to study Cultural Mediation in Paris. During her final Bachelor year, she decided to head out of the books and to participate in this project linking culture and young artists.

The Muscovites

Alexandra, also behind the idea of the “Paris-Berlin-Moscow” project, is responsible for the exhibition in Moscow – a city that has always fascinated her. She is a student at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, specializing in Cultural Mediation. To make her Bachelor degree project, she decided to bring to life an old dream that she and her friends had. Helped by her new Russian mates, she is looking for opportunities to share her dream with the Muscovites.

Evgeniya, a student at the University of Cultural Studies in Moscow, has just finished her academic exchange at the Paris Sorbonne University, also known as Paris IV, in Philosophy of Art, and left the Parisian atmosphere to return to her homeland. Thus at the airport of Berlin, a symbolic city for the project, she met by chance Alexandra.
Over a coffee they began to realize that they had quite a lot in common and above all the passion for the same thing: the art. They both dreamt of organizing exhibitions!
Thanks to an unexpected flight delay the three cities met in Berlin and that’s how the project team in Moscow was created!

Ombelyse, a student at the University Michel de Montaigne in Bordeaux studies in Moscow in the framework of her Research Master in Slavonic studies to get a double degree, and also to understand a little more about her own origins. It is at the University of Peoples’ Friendship (RUDN) where Alexandra also studies, that they met through a friend in common.
They began to explore the city together, and they naturally turned to Evgeniya, who became an exceptional guide. A friendship was soon born between them.
Alexandra’s project “Paris-Berlin-Moscow” interested Ombelyse in many ways, first as a photographer, but also as a member of the organization team. It is the opportunity for her to see Moscow in a new light, a unique and unforgettable experience!

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