A fresco by artist Marie de la Ville Baugé

The fresco of photographs is a symbol of intercultural dialogue that we have developed in the framework of our project. The project’s Tumblr is proof of the successful achievement of a cultural dialogue, with some 60 participants from various nationalities and more than 150 photographs sent.

In Moscow, the French artist Marie de la Ville Baugé gives us an immense pleasure of designing this international creation. This rising artist agreed exclusively to realise this art fresco in her unique artistic and colourful style from the collected photographs on our Tumblr.


Marie de la Ville Baugé’s work appears to be perfectly aligned with our project concept. Focused only on the Russian capital, the French-Muscovite artist offers visitors various visions of the contemporary city. With her colourful and rousing approach, the artist compares the visions of several generations in her works such as the exhibition “Moscow Kaleidoscope 2.0” at the KvARTira10 gallery in February 2015 following the Kaleidoscope Moscow project initiated and exposed at the French Consulate from June to August 2014.


During her collaboration in the Paris-Berlin-Moscow project, Marie de la Ville Baugé also includes a kaleidoscope effect, but this time with the photographs of unknown artists. Thus, she thoughtfully designs a work where every foreign vision communicates, dialogues and asks the neighbour about the daily life and metamorphosis of the three capitals.

Marie de la Ville Baugé is also behind the making of every stage of the art fresco in various places such as at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) and at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art – Petrovka (MMOMA).


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