Partnership with the school “Le P’tit Cref – Arbat” and Kim Kegelev & Ivan Pustovalov

A partnership between the private trilingual centre Le P’tit Cref (Old Arbat street, Moscow) and our project offers us the opportunity to reach a young public and to convey them an intercultural vision of our world. It seemed to us essential to generate a dialogue with children in order to make the city live.

Thus, the cooperation with the educational institution Le P’tit Cref  appeared very obvious to us. It proposes ludic and original activities thanks to the P’tits PLUS : out-of-school activities at the initiative of the director Virginie Durand and Les P’tits Plus’s coordinator Kim Kegelev.
Our project is not confined to the art fresco exhibition at the institution. It also takes the form of a one-day activities on May, 16th, with a focus on children awakening and cultural sharing.

Au P'tit Cref

The activity “Tell me about your city” in collaboration with graphic designer Kim Kegelev and photographer Ivan Pustovalov gives the children the possibility to create an Art fresco, a symbol of intercultural dialogue. The children will present us their vision of Moscow through the photographs of their area they have taken, provided with advices from the two artists. These creations will be exhibited at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) at the end of June in the form of an Art fresco designed by Kim Kegelev and Ivan Pustovalov.

The activity that we propose invites children to understand the world in which they live and to experience their very own approach of our project. It helps them acquire knowledge by playing and introduces them into the world of art and various artistic techniques such as photography and  collage while stimulating their imagination and their creativity. Finally, it offers them the possibility to discover the world of art and museums.


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