Chloé Desnoyers

I am French, I’m 27 and I have been living in Berlin for almost a year. I have always been fascinated by image in the broad sense, and I have been practicing photography for two years now. Last year, I have decided to devote myself to it exclusively. My favorite subjects are portraits and landscapes. I am also interested in street photography and reportage photo that I like for its spontaneous and authentic side.

I arrived in Berlin last year, and I was immediately struck by the atmosphere of the city, which is very different from the one I had known in Paris. Shortly before I left the French capital, I had begun to photograph Paris for the last time, its atmosphere, its streets, its people. I continued my photographic walks in Berlin, this time brought by the excitement of discovery. Only a few months later that I realized how this change of atmosphere was reflected in my photos. It was obvious. From Paris, a city where every space is filled and orderly but where there is a permanent agitation, I moved to Berlin, an airy and heterogeneous city where different people where are going at their own pace and in which space is invested and shaped by its inhabitants… or simply abandoned. For me Paris and Berlin are two cities where time does not flow at the same speed, two cities that are modern in their own way.

Find out more about Chloé Desnoyers and her works on her website:


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