Julia Peyron

Julia PeyronDuring my studies in cinema, I realized that I was totally fascinated by the art of capturing time, thanks to photography. After a 2-month internship at a photo atelier, I started making portraits of people surrounding me. But I soon realized that I was much more interested in dilapidated walls and old stones. My first exploration took place by chance: while driving in the South of France, I noticed a gigantic building covered with graffiti. I spent 3 hours in that old factory.

This was the first of a long series of discoveries. The passion for relics of the past took me to Belgium, where I photographed an old mine and a military hospital; to France, where I explored many factories, sanatoriums, military forts, railway stations… And also to Germany, where I had the chance to immortalize an old amusement park, a train depot and an incredible ballroom. I think that it is my insatiable interest for the past that has always pushed in this direction. Nothing captivates me more than to find myself in these places full of history, where time seems to stand still. I feel like a privileged witness of a bygone era that everyone seems to have forgotten. Honouring these buildings that once had better times drives me above all. But I am also always fascinated by the mixture of decaying walls and graffiti which are often real works of art.

Photography is a great way to perpetuate the memory of these places while respecting their history.

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