Lauren Rigaudière & Ludovic Madamour

Lauren and Ludovic are both students at the Paris Photography School (EFET). They cooperate in a series of photographies where Lauren defragments the model’s face while Ludovic destroys the medium by adding matter. They present for the exhibition a series of six photographs on the Parisian theme. They want to evoke this city through the faces and the favourite places of our models. Each photography consists of two black and white images. The left one is a “defragmented” portrait of the model, and the right one is an outdoor shot covered with pastel which changes the meaning of the original image. Thus our work is in the form of a diptych. The first is part of Lauren Rigaudière’s personal work. Her approach is this of the classical portrait genre, with the contemporary touch in the distorting. Defragmentation is a fragmented representation of a real face. This process destroys and recreates the model’s face at the same time. The construction of such a mask makes the portrait remain recognizable, but allows a more complex reading of the portrayed person and leaves to the viewer a feeling of strangeness. The second image represents an outdoor place somewhere in Paris. But it is not a raw landscape: Ludovic Madamour combines photography with another pictorial medium: pastel painting. The whole makes his signature technique. Pastel humanizes the place. This reworking is at the same time destructive and conveying emotions. The works are thus unique and not reproducible. They are the fruit of a totally innovative approach to photography.


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