Marie Fages

11004917_1064831523542722_1801793753_nI am a scenic designer, a filmmaker, in some way a nomad. My passion for the place I live in and for the places I carry in my heart made me change the course of my life several times, in order to experiment with new environments.

I have been living and studying a few years in Rome, London, Paris and Berlin, and I always tried to live the life in these cities to the fullest.

I have worked quite a lot as set designer on movie projects, and the stage of location scouting is the one I think is the most decisive. There are places that work well and others that don’t, and it’s not necessarily depending on the scenario. I wanted to experiment this alchemy by creating my own films. I made one in the course of my studies at the Paris School of Decorative Arts – it is entitled “Electra’s walk”. I had this tragedy, “Electra”, in mind and I was looking for the perfect location of this tragedy: a border, a no man’s land. I found it in the passages of La Défense, in Paris.

Since then I have been pursuing my search for the perfect places for the stories that come to my mind. I walk a lot in cities, keeping a story in mind and trying to find the location that fits. Some places that I discover on my way remind be of other stories, that have often less in common with the actual History of the place.

Set designing involves, among others, shaping spaces according to stories. That is the effect that I would like to reach within my films. Framing allows me to recreate the space and to insert it properly in my fiction. In “Electra’s walk” I used models, too.

To put it in a nutshell, I try to find the unexpected association that offers the viewer a different perspective on the story told and on the site where it takes place.