Ombelyse Buirette

Russia’s capital has many facets. It is a commercial, political, scientific, architectural and historical centre. The Muscovite underground with its sculptures, mosaics, columns, chandeliers and spacious rooms is a symbol of Russian history. Although it was founded in the 1930s, the themes of the various stations depict several centuries of Russian history. The Muscovite metro is not only a journey through time, it is also a mirror of the Russian society. The people that you come across on the subway come from all strata of society. It is in this perspective that I chose to work on the Moscow metro as a reflection of Russian culture. Even the Russians are aware of this heritage which they gladly share. I have been living in Moscow for only a month yet, and I do not claim a complete project, but I hope that the pictures I bring bear witness about the Russian culture as seen in the subway. I must admit that while developing this project, I stumbled upon several obstacles: I had to remain unnoticed in order to be true to reality, and I wasn’t very sure if one could photograph people without their explicit consent in Russia. My ignorance of this legal question made me feel a little bit shy while taking pictures. Because of my studies I could not find enough time to see all the stations, but I hope the one you will see on the pictures allowed me to capture the spirit of the Moscow metro.


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