Paul & Karla

With the eternal dream of traveling in mind, she escaped from her native South three years ago. She arrived in Berlin in 2012 to find her Germanic roots and dive into a bohemian life. This allowed her to explore the artistic and musical circles, to dedicate herself to analogue photography and to realize her talents as DJ in Berlin’s rock’n’roll clubs.

He is a student in Visual Anthropology and vagabond who put his backpack in Berlin three years ago. His taste for photography has followed him from his first trips abroad, to Canada and to Vietnam in particular.

Together they began to develop their own film and make their first black and white prints. They prefer natural light, especially in the early morning, capturing moments from everyday life. The sweetness and intimacy of romantic summer mornings and winter evenings is what they wanted to highlight in this exhibition. With love and poetry, they photograph Berlin as it appears to them, at the corner of a cafe, on the streets, in the intimacy of a couple, always with an interest for sincerity.


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