Rémi Molinero

At the age of 19, having graduated from science class, when you are wearied by the difficulty imposed by the choices that are supposed to determine your future, you hear the call of the unknown. You feel the lust for travel. The books that have been laying on the bedside table for years, depict incredible encounters, breathtaking landscapes, new horizons and ideas inspired by the world and its people. This way seems more fascinating than the risky choice of “what I want to do when I grow up” and of the studies that will get you there.

The few months of living in London, far from the native azure coast, were short but full of joys and mistakes from which we draw life lessons, and launched a machine that will never stop.

Nearly five years later, in Berlin, although no life path has appeared clearer than another, some certainties have gradually appeared over time. First, some small adventures in France, then some more a little further, that shaped a spirit attracted to freedom, nature, space, solitude and silence, more than to cities, crowds, and pre-chewed life projects sold as solutions for hypothetical happiness, to make us operate in a system that is beyond us.

In 2012, a trip to the other side of the ocean, through Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina, reinforces the certainty that a stable life, rooted in a place, no matter where, is not attractive at the moment.

Although interest in photography has been present from childhood, the urge to make images became stronger, at this time, and further self-taught learning began. It was guided by the desire to share emotions that words have trouble expressing. Attempting to capture the wonders that the world offers to sight is nevertheless one difficult art.

And if landscapes and the incredible beauty of nature have long been the privileged subject of the captured images, the wonderful encounters that punctuated this path have shown that they are the ones that make us become who we are. More than the stones, which undoubtedly trace the evolution of a city, it is above all the people who live here who make out of Berlin what it is. That’s why I now turn to them.

Through these images, life moments, portraits – captured, stolen or chosen, in the heart of the human anthill, where the people of Berlin cross: people of all ages, from all backgrounds, with all differences, but brought together by their city.
People who write Berlin’s History and, above all, tell its stories.
Stories of everyday life.
Fleeting stories.